Tiara is the crown worn by women typically queens during their ancient century. It connotes royalty and high status in the society. Today, tiara is worn by beauty queens as a symbol of beauty and elegance. We chose tiara as our namesake to symbolize the natural crown and jewel that completes beauty – pearly white teeth. 

Tiara Dental Clinic believes that all women deserves to be a beauty queen. We specializes in treatments for all beauty queens. We provide the best smile to highlight every women’s beauty.  We turn women into the best version of themselves through the radiance of their smile.  

Tiara Dental Clinic specializes cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. We also offer restorative, prosthodontics as well as general dentistry. Our dental clinic is also kid-friendly and offers specialized treatments for kids because we believe that beauty starts even before we are children. 


Dr. Rheagellene Publico Nisperos is a licensed dentist by the Philippine Regulatory Commission. She got her license last July 2014. She finished post graduate studies immediately where she became a cosmetic dentist as certified by the Philippine Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (PAED). Dr. Rhea is also an expert orthodontist for dental braces where she is a member of the  and International Association for Orthodontics. 

Her other specialties include dental treatments for beauty queens and for aesthetic purposes. She is a natural with children and can treat not-so-cooperative children on dental treatments. 

Dr. Rhea is not your typical serious dentist. She’ll act as your friend, first and foremost, and ensures you are relaxed in your treatment. She’ll even crack some jokes from time to time to break the ice. 

Dr. Rhea Publico-Nisperos


Medical Privacy

We ensure patient-doctor privacy and complies to all laws on privacy that encompasses medical records and data.

Modern Equipment

Our dental equipment is bought just last year and ensure state-of-the-art technology for your dental treatments

Quality & Safety

Our clinic is equipped with medical grade equipment to ensure safety in compliance with PDA standards.

Qualified Doctors

Our dentist is trained by the best cosmetic dentistry schools as well as best orthodontic courses in the Philippines.

Emergency Help

We offer 24/7 communication lines directly to the dentist. You can contact Dr. Rhea is you are her patient.

Individual Approach

We customize treatment depending on your need and your decision. We ensure beauty queen treatment.

Personalized Treatment

We only accept treatment via appointments. and ensure that 100% attention is given to every patient.

Friendly Dentist

Dr. Rhea is the most bubbly and friendly dentist you'll ever meet. The moment you get in the dentist, you'll feel she is your best friend.

Our Satisfied Beauty Queens​

We are serious in giving 100% satisfaction to all patients. We ensure that all treatments are explained. While we specialize in giving the beauty queen smile you deserve, our promise to provide the beauty queen service you deserve. We believe that every woman is a beauty queen; our mission is to show it to the world.